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Model9 – Featured in Blocks & Files.

How Cloud Backup for Mainframes Cuts Costs with Model9 and AWS
February 8, 2019
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Chris Mellor of Blocks and Files, a respected and well-known reporter in the storage industry, has written a piece about Model9 – titled “Model9’s mission to murder mainframe VTLs”.

“We love mainframe and we want to make it better,” says Model9 co-founder and CEO Gil Peleg.

He wants to demonstrate his love by killing off mainframe Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs) with a software explosive to blow them up.

The mainframe market includes the largest companies in the world. It is a worthwhile market niche.

Mainframes have traditionally used tape drives and libraries for backup and longer term storage. These have largely been supplanted by disk arrays controlled by software presenting a virtual tape library interface to mainframe applications. These VTLs are much faster than tape drives and libraries at both writing and retrieving data.”

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