Nibletz’s SXSWedu Preview: You Need ExamPAL

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January 2, 2018
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February 20, 2018
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Taking The GRE or GMAT? You Need ExamPAL.

It may seem odd, but in 2018, online test prep is still very outdated. That’s because traditional test prep companies are cemented in getting students to train for and study the test itself. While that may seem totally logical to you, there’s a better way and over 50 people collaborated with one another to help create it.

ExamPAL makes a pretty bold claim, and that is, that you can crush the GRE or GMAT tests in four weeks by using their platform. ExamPAL takes their cues from personalized and adaptive learning, the latest trends in edtech. These new learning technologies help students become better learners, better thinkers and better problem solving and that’s where the PAL part comes in.

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