Cervello @ Cyber Week

Robert Bosch Venture Capital Joins SOMV and N1V to Complete Seed Round of Israeli AI-based IoT Malfunction Prevention Startup, Veego. 
May 21, 2019
Israeli startup Cervello raises $4.5 million in seed round to protect railways from cyberattacks
July 25, 2019
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Cervello – Selected among 23 leading cyber startups, presented at National Cyber Week.

Cyber-cyber-cyber: 23 leading Israeli start-ups were chosen to present their advanced technologies to world-renowned cyber security experts and visitors as part of the National Cyber ​​Week, in cooperation with the National Cyber ​​Network of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Defense & Foreign Affairs at Tel Aviv University.

Among the start-ups featured in the exhibition was Cervello, which provides cyber security services for railways. The company’s CEO, Roi On, said, “We can see significant growth in the advanced and autonomous railway market, and in light of these developments, many threats to cyberspace endanger the public and commercial companies. Our unique technology enables companies to receive dynamic and live snapshots to respond in real time to cyber events.”

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